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just can't make it by myself
i just can't make it by myself
when they call my name
in the depths of the sea
i'm too near home
thanks for loving me
there is a haven
i'm feelin' fine
mansion over the hilltop
where the milk and honey flow
remind me of calvary
cd for 15.00 
ride that glory train
if i can just hold out
jesus have mercy on me
a comfort to know
i wish it would rain
do you know him
i'd like to say it again
i'm gonna serve my lord
that day at calvary
that's what jesus means to me
cd for 15.00 
somebody loves me
somebody loves me
jesus is right
thanks to calvary
hold me
he is the dearest friend i ever had
every day, every hour
time has made a change
i'm going home some day
keep me
cd for 15.00 

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