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first of all i asked the lord jesus christ into my life in december of 1958 and he has been with me ever since. i was born in wythe county, virginia and grow up in roanoke, virginia. i started singing in the youth choir of my childhood church in the early 60s. i started singing with the apostles quartet in 1967. i sang with them 15 years. i was choir director for 4 years. my job took me to florida, indiana, south carolina, then north carolina where i did solo work. i recently sang 2 years with the carolina harmony quartet. i had vocal training when i was in college and have attended several classes with top in sound, with bill gaither and with the cathedral quartet. i damaged my left eye in 1966 and god restored my sight. i was in a gunpowder accident in 1960 and god healed me. i have been married for 39 years with three children and three grand children. my wife and i are members of and attend the open heart church of god in ayden, nc.

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mission statement

jesus said to go into all the world and i feel this is what he has for me to do. i do not do this for a living, but my desire is to tell others about jesus christ and what he has done in my life, so others can see what he can do in their lives. i am in this ministry because i believe in the power of jesus christ in changing lives. i proclaim the love and grace of jesus christ as the dearest friend that you could ever have. my message is simply, the message of salvation through the blood of jesus christ. my goal is to give sinners the opportunity to meet christ and to encourage christians to work for him in their world. my ministry is singing classic gospel music with some of my testimonies sprinkled throughout. i feel you and your congregation will be encouraged and christ has always blessed. he is the reason i sing and without him i would be nothing.

somebody loves me
ride that glory train
i just can't make it by myself
hold me
a comfort to know
i'm too near home
every day, every hour
i'd like to say it again
i'm feelin' fine
keep me
that's what jesus means to me
remind me of calvary
jesus is right
if i can just hold out
when they call my name

thanks to calvary
jesus have mercy on me
in the depths of the sea
he is the dearest friend i ever had
i wish it would rain
thanks for loving me
do you know him
there is a haven
time has made a change
i'm gonna serve my lord
mansion over the hilltop
i'm going home someday
that day at calvary
where the milk and honey flow

my favorites

category 1st 2nd 3rd
group cathedral quartet prophets quartet (1958-1973) statesmen quartet
song yesterday i've just started living i'd like to say it again
lead jack toney smitty gatlin jake hess
tenor "big" lew garrison r.d. "rosie" rozell thurman bunch
baritone mark trammell doy ott ed hill
bass james "big chief" wetherington conley "london" parris j.d sumner
pianist wally varner bob mccollum roger bennett

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